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Mission Statement: Our Most Important Home is... Yours
We share a common goal with every homeowner; to build Your Home offering value and personal satisfaction through an
experience which enriches the lives of everyone involved. Modular Homes of North Carolina will build quality homes
utilizing the best materials and products to provide value to our customers. We will provide outstanding customer
service and attention to detail in a prompt, courteous and professional manner with the goal of exceeding the
customer's expectations.

We understand that the decision to build a new home is very important, quite possibly the most significant
decision you will ever make. With that thought in mind, we are committed to creating a low stress environment in which
you feel comfortable while making your decision. Listed below are some facts we have gathered about modular homes
in general and more importantly about the modular homes built by Modular Homes of North Carolina. We hope you find
it informative.
Modular Housing:
Most experts agree that modular homes are of better quality. Site-built homes are subject to the elements during all
phases of construction. Rain, snow, excessive heat or cold can warp and damage the framing, walls, and floors, or
cause mold contamination. On the other hand, modular homes are built in a controlled environment. Harmful weather
never touches the inside of your home. Skilled craftsmen are able to work in a comfortable environment utilizing
state-of-the-art machinery that could not be used on-site. Also, our modular manufacturers have extensive quality
control programs in place throughout all phases of the factory construction process. Modular homes are inspected
throughout the assembly line process, once more by a third party independent inspector required by the state in which
the home is to be built, and lastly by the local building inspector. Site-built homes are not subject to these stringent

Modular Housing Cost Considerations:
Cost overruns are virtually unheard of in the modular industry. As mentioned above, climate controlled factories ensure
there are no weather related construction delays. In addition, there are no cost overruns from "no-show subs" (as may
often be the case with a site built home). Next, because of the reduced construction time there is reduced interest on
construction financing which means you, the consumer, pay less on your loans. Finally, because of the volume of
homes a typical manufacturer builds in a year, additional savings occurs through volume purchasing of materials and
yearly buying contracts with suppliers.

The Energy Efficiency of Modular Housing:
Quality engineering and the latest construction techniques significantly increase the energy efficiency of your new
modular home. This ensures it will be economical to own and comfortable to live in regardless of the weather. In
addition, our modular homes use two-by-six (2 x 6) framing for the walls. This allows more insulation to be placed in the
wall, thereby ensuring greater energy efficiency. Finally, our modular homes have much less air infiltration, which is one
of the largest causes of heat loss in a home. The fact that these homes are constructed in a factory allows the
manufacturer to place more sealants, such as caulking, in problem areas that site builders have no access to. For
example, a manufacturer is able to create a better seal around electrical outlets and fixtures because they can access
the walls behind, above and underneath these areas.

Construction Time:
Once you decide on a house plan or custom design, the order to produce your home is placed with our manufacturer.
After your order is placed, we begin work on the site. Grade work, well, septic, foundation footings, and the basement or
crawlspace is completed while your home is being built at the manufacturer, which usually takes about a month and a
half. After this step, we are ready for your home to be delivered to the site. After your home is delivered, our set and
finish crews complete your home. It usually takes about a month and a half to three months to complete a home and
get the certificate of occupancy. Total wait time from order to completion can be as little as two to four months on an
average size home. How else are you able to get a custom home finished in this amount of time? In traditional site-built
construction, many customers have to wait for twelve months or more depending on the weather and other

Going Green - Modular Homes are Environmentally Friendly:
Modular home construction is more environmentally friendly than its site-built counterpart. Engineered construction
materials are utilized, and effective in-plant recycling is in place at most modular home manufacturing facilities. This
means that all the excess materials are able to be recycled. This may not sound impressive, but one of the secrets of
site builders is the amount of waste a new site built home generates.

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Research Center, the "typical" waste for a new 2,000
square foot site built home is eight thousand (8,000) pounds or fifty (50) cubic yards. In 2000, the cost to dispose of this
averaged $511 per home. Consequently, while waste from a site built home typically goes in a landfill, waste from a
modular home is recycled.

Our Homes Warranty:
Every home comes with a full one year manufacturers warranty and a 10 year structural warranty. We work hand in
hand with our manufacturer's dedicated service department to provide professional, after-the-sale service. In addition,
many of the brand name components, such as appliances, shingles and siding used in your home, are covered by their
own manufacturer's warranties. We warrant that your home will be of good quality and free from defects in workmanship
and material for one year from the date of the certificate of occupancy. We will walk through your home with you before
you move in and again just before the first anniversary of your move-in date. At these inspections, we will examine every
aspect of your home, and we will address each concern to your satisfaction. Of course, we strive to deliver the highest
quality during the construction process. But in the event that you experience problems, be assured that we will be there
for you to address these issues.